Welcome to Stories That Anchor!

We are here to be a platform for people to share miraculous God stories.

Every time I hear a miraculous story about how God came through for someone or randomly showed up, I wonder how it’s possible for anyone to question the existence of God. Or question that He loves us and directly intervenes in our lives. That is why we created this site. We love the stories!

I once heard a great leader, speaker, and author by the name of Josh Foliart talk about the importance of anchoring yourself to someone else’s God Stories during seasons where you may not have the faith to fully trust God. That talk has always stuck with me, and that is why we chose the name. I pray that these stories can be an anchor for someone in a rough season. Click here or on the Blog page to read our stories.

If you have a story you would like to share reach out to us below.

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