Isaac was my third child. I wasn’t expecting to have him. You see my first pregnancy I had high blood pressure, my second pregnancy I had high blood sugar. I was considered high risk for another pregnancy. If I should happen to have both of these conditions in a pregnancy it would endanger both my life & the baby’s. At that time the IUD, (inter-uterine device) was considered the best way to prevent pregnancy. Having an IUD in place, I had only a 3% chance to get pregnant. Not a very high chance, who would expect to beat those odds?

We are going through life thinking we will only have two children, I had wanted a dozen. I in no way wanted to put a baby’s life at risk, nor did I want to risk my two children losing their mommy. So I accepted it & went on with life.

A little more than two years later, I was working at Pizza Hut as a cook. One day out of the blue I “lost it.” Michael, the assistant manager was standing over me watching me make a pizza & commented that I was putting to much cheese on the pizza. I went off on a tangent that Bob, the manager, had trained me & he never said I put too much on, blah, blah, blah. I was talking so loud everyone had stopped working, they were poking their heads around the corner to see what was going on. The customers were all looking to see what was happening. I was a very quiet & soft spoken person, this was so unlike me, no one could believe it. Even Michael was standing there with his mouth hanging open. He & I were pretty good friends & he was actually teasing me. I didn’t see it that way & when I realized the whole world just saw me act like a fool I took off to the bathroom, fell on the floor & started bawling my eyes out. I thought what in the world is going on here. I said a prayer & ask the Lord to help me pull myself together & ask how can I get answers. I thought, it must be a vitamin deficiency or something. I’ll make a doctor appointment. So I cleaned my face up & headed to the office to apologize.

I walked into the office & Michael was sitting there, still kind of shocked. I told him I didn’t know what was wrong, but I was really sorry for the way I had behaved. He said it was ok & then made a big mistake. He ask if I was ok. I laid into him again, “No, I’m not ok. If I was ok, I wouldn’t have acted like that.” And on & on! I ended this tangent with, if you will get out of this office, I’ll call & make an appointment with my doctor, so I can find out what’s going on. It’s a good thing we were friends, cause I would have been fired by anyone else.

So I go to the doctor. I’m all confident that it’s just vitamins. I never even thought of pregnancy. After all 3% chance, right? Well, after a lot of questions the doctor said we’re going to do a pregnancy test, just to eliminate that possibility. He didn’t think it was pregnancy either. A few minutes later he walks back into the room & says, “I think we have an answer. The results were positive.” For the first time in my life I was speechless. I said nothing. I think my mouth may have even dropped open. After what seemed like several minutes he said, “That means you are pregnant. You’re going to have a baby.” I acknowledge that I knew what he meant, but didn’t really say anything.

He finally said, “Do you want an abortion?” That snapped me out of it. I immediately & emphatically said, “No!” He said something about the fact that I had the IUD in, I must not have wanted to get pregnant. I told him not that I didn’t want to be pregnant, but I was told not to get pregnant. We went over why not. He said it was probably not a good idea for me to try to go through with the pregnancy. I told him, “God gave me this baby. If God wants me to have this baby then I’ll have this baby.”

At this point the doctor began to explain what could happen when they took the IUD out. Which had to be done right away. Now we overcame a 3% chance of getting pregnant & this doctor thinks he’s got news that’s to big for God to handle. There is now a 40% chance of a spontaneous abortion. He takes the IUD out & tells me to go home & lay completely still for the next 48 hours. I laugh to myself, I had a 7 & 2 year old I had to take care of. I headed home, after picking the boys up. We get home & I laid down on the couch for a little while. I got the boys a simple supper & laid down again. It was a Wednesday & I loved going to church. I

thought about it, & thought no, suppose to lay down. After getting up a couple more times to do things for the boys, I thought about the whole thing. I had a 3% chance of getting pregnant. God wants me to have this child. Satan can’t take it, if God wants me to have it. I need my church. I need the support. I need the prayers. I’m going to church. So I got the boys ready, changed my clothes & off we went walking the three blocks to church. Church was a real blessing that night & there were no ill effects from going.

I had none of the high risk problems they were so concerned with. I did have one problem going through this pregnancy. The baby was against a nerve & on three or four occasions I would be walking & suddenly fall to the ground. It was as if my right leg wasn’t even there. How neither one of us got seriously hurt is only by God’s grace. I remember one time I was walking across a parking lot when it happened. Hit that pavement hard, but only had some bruises.

Getting further into the pregnancy we were trying to decide on a name. We had thrown many out there & none seemed right. Just a week or two before delivery I was really concerned about it. Before I went to bed one night, I got on my knees & ask the Lord what He wanted this child’s name to be. I went to bed & when I woke up that next morning, I woke to the thought, Isaac James going through my head. I sat up & said Isaac James out loud. Then said ok, Lord. Thank you! Neither of those names had been one of the ones considered before. Oh, yeah, we did not know the gender of the baby when God gave me the name.

Delivery was pretty normal, except that I made a comment about being afraid that the pain would be as bad as the last time. A nurse came up very quickly & before I could ask what she was doing she had a needle in the IV. I ask what she was doing & she said, “You said you were afraid of the pain so I gave you something for it.” I was very upset, I said, “I didn’t say I was in pain, I am not in pain. I said I was afraid it would get as bad. I wanted this to be all natural.” She made some comment about being on top of the pain & I didn’t have to worry about it now. I almost cried, because I had not wanted any medication in me.

Now after Isaac was born the nurses were all talking about the little girl with the big baby. They kept coming in the room talking about them & how they couldn’t believe she had him without a C-section. Finally, I made some comment about this girl they were talking about. The nurse said, “Honey child, we’re talking about you. You had that baby.” I said, “No, I think you are mistaken. I’m sure he wasn’t that big. He was easier to deliver than either one of my other two.” She got the paperwork & brought it over & showed me. Pointed to my name & the babies weight. (This was before computers.) I was as amazed as they were. I was a little girl, being 4’ 11 1/2” & weighing 90 pounds before pregnancy. Having a 9 lb 4 oz baby, was a big boy for a little girl.

This is the story of Isaac West’s beginning. To this day, I consider him a miracle from God. When you take into consideration that there was only a 3% chance of him being conceived & a 40% chance of a spontaneous abortion when the IUD was taken out, I count that as God numbers. I believe Isaac has a God given reason for being with us today.

A Miraculous Child – by Caryn Lance

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