About a year and six months after I received that crazy phone call (read Part I) I was sitting around with my roommates telling them the story above. I must have been reading through my journal from the previous year and it reminded me of the story. Afterwards one of my roommates asked me if I had ever written the girl to tell her thank you for following the Holy Spirit. I told him that I hadn’t and then sat down and wrote her a message. I mentioned that I was reading back through my journal from the time where she had called and I had written down that she said “Don’t give up, because I didn’t give up on you”. I then said thank you for being faithful to the Holy Spirit, it had changed my life and many other lives as well. Her response was incredible. Here is a recap of it. I have taken screenshots of the actual Facebook message below.

Hey Isaac,

Wow am I glad to hear from you. I have a story here too. I spent the last three weeks back in the US and met up with Ashleigh [this was the girl who answered all of the questions I had when they originally called]. We went to her friend’s house and met up with some people from church. This was my first time meeting all these people and someone asked how Ashleigh and I met. After telling that story, Ashleigh mentioned how she would never forget our huge trip down to your grandparents church and what that whole experience had been for both of us (trust me that was a huge spiritual, physical, and emotional adventure looking for you). So they asked why would you go look for him???… Why was a very good question… as I still couldn’t understand it myself. Why had all that happened? Anyways, everyone in the room was amazed by your story!!! And it eventually became the topic of the night. It just ministered to people. They never stopped asking more and more about you and everything else. But I never thought it had brought about any change because I never heard back from you. But I did believe with all my heart that God was going to take it from there. He had it under control.

I have to say that today I made a decision, a tough decision. I decided to try to live a corrupted life because I have been going through a lot lately. But guess what, this time you showed up…

I have always known God from the time I was 7 years old and I have never made such a crazy decision in my life. I went to church today and told all my friends about my decision. They thought I was crazy. But this is what I wanted to do for sure, just try to give up on everything I had believed in for 17 years. I knew nothing could change my decision, not even my church friends. Well look what God did again.

You wrote me to remind me of how He used me to change your life… you will never know what this means to me right now… So, I have made a new decision. I realized that our walk with God is not something that we can just give up on or take for granted. Even when we are going through a storm. Because no matter what we do, even if we are living a corrupted life, he will never give up on us. So thank you for showing up this time!

PS looks like it is PART 2 of our story.


Part II: Girl From India Calls Me

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