Scriptural basis for why we should write and remember our God Stories.

In 2 Kings 17 it blows my mind how far from God’s ways the Israelites had gotten. After all the miraculous ways that God had shown and proven Himself to them, somehow the Israelites drifted so far away that they were burning their own children as sacrifices to false gods (demons). How did they end up like this?

I think a big part of why they ended up like this is that they simply forgot what God had done for them. We see many times in scripture where a leader of the Israelites will step in and rebuke the people of their rebellion and read all of their God stories aloud so that they will remember and turn back to God. Or they would stack up a bunch of rocks so that everyone who walked past a special place would remember the God Story. Remembering was such a big deal that the Kings were required to read the law everyday (though few of them actually did this). Here is a great article summarizing some of these times in scripture:

I think God is telling me to write these stories down to keep myself from falling away from him and worshiping idols. I need to write down other people’s God Stories and mine so that we REMEMBER God’s goodness and faithfulness.


Why You Should Write Down Your God Stories

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One thought on “Why You Should Write Down Your God Stories

  1. Isaac,

    I have been writing for several years, even some faith based material. Then I listened to Elisabeth Elliott who said, “We all have a story.” This inspired me with a desire to write for the glory of God.

    Thank you for inspiring others to actually write their stories down and for sharing yours. I look forward to what God will do with your writing and those who contribute to your blog.

    To GOD be ALL the GLORY

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