For years I have felt God has been urging me to write down all of my God stories including my personal story. Every time I hear a miraculous story about how God came through for someone or randomly showed up, I wonder how it’s possible for anyone to question the existence of God. Or question that He loves us and directly intervenes in our lives. That is why I am writing this. I love the stories!

I once heard a great leader, speaker, and author by the name of Josh Foliart talk about the importance of anchoring yourself to someone else’s God Stories during seasons where you may not have the faith to fully trust God. That talk has always stuck with me, and I pray that these stories can be an anchor for someone in a rough season.

Over the years I have jotted down some of these stories in my journals with the idea in the back of my mind that I will show them to my kids when they ask why I believe what I believe. I always pictured that there would be stacks of these journals that my kids could hand down to their kids if they start questioning the existence of God or if He really loves us. I thought it would be best to put these online to share them with the world and invite others to add their stories as well.


Why We Started Stories That Anchor

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